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Cost of Living in Belize




Affordable Cost of Living

Belize in general has a very affordable cost of living which is particularly appreciated by visitors or those who relocate from the United States, Canada or Europe. A couple can live comfortably on less than US$1,500 per month. Land, construction, food, utilities, property taxes, insurance premiums and domestic labor are where you will find the greatest and most dramatic savings.


Living in Belize gives you the freedom to spend as little or much as you wish. While many things are less expensive, North American luxuries in Belize can add up, but Belize is generally less expensive that an equivalent lifestyle in the U.S., Canada or Europe.


Retirees interested in simple living can budget about US$1,500 or less per month. As a rule of thumb, labor and services are inexpensive in Belize.  A housekeeper may charge $15 to $20 per day. Used cars can be bough for slightly more than what would be paid in North America.  Gas and diesel are more expensive in Belize, about $1-$2 more per gallon than in the U.S.  You can make up for the extra money spent on gas through leisure and entertainment costs... trips to national parks and Mayan sites are inexpensive.  Belize's extensive park system, wildlife reserves and sanctuaries will satisfy any outdoor enthusiast. Additionally, Healthcare in Belize is of good quality and inexpensive.


Below is a cost of living chart, which highlights some of the significant savings of life in Belize.  Of course these costs are estimates and will vary depending on your location, usage and/or other factors.


Cost of Living Belize Average (in US Dollars)
New home construction - concrete block stucco finish $75-$225 per square foot
Condominiums $150-$300 per square foot
Internet access $50-$100+ per month based on usage plan
Home phone service $10+ per month plus 
Cell phone $50 per month for basic plan
Cable TV $20 per month
Water $20 per month
Electricity $100 per month
Private health care $25 for doctor visit
Dentist $40 teeth cleaning
Groceries $30 per week
Bread $1 per loaf
Milk $2.50
Bananas $1 for 10+
Dinner at restaurant - low end $5 per person
Dinner at restaurant - moderate $10-$15 per person
Dinner at restaurant - high end $15-$20+ per person
Soda $.50-$1
Beer $2.50
Mixed Rum Drink $3
Bottle of Rum $10
Housekeeper $15-$20 per day
Gardener $15-$20 per day




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