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frequently asked questions


» what activities are available in and around waterside?
» how is the fishing?
» what is the belize barrier reef?
q what activities are available in and around waterside?
a for information on activities available in and around waterside, please visit the things to do section of our website.

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q how is the fishing?
a belize has some of the best fishing in this hemisphere. there is great fishing in the rivers and creeks year round. for deep sea fishing the cost for chartering fishing boats will vary, but it would usually be about $100 to $200 a day per person, which would usually include a meal, drinks, bait and tackle.

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q what is the belize barrier reef?
a the belize barrier reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world and has the finest manifestation of a coral reef ecosystem in this hemisphere for its size, unique variety of reef types and abundance of corals thriving in pristine conditions. aesthetically and ecologically, its integrity is virtually unharmed. forming a nearly continuous wall for 150 miles along the continental shelf edge, the belize barrier reef provides life and security to the entire country. immediately seaward are three oceanic atolls including lighthouse reef, which is unequalled in the caribbean for its development, variety of reef types and biological diversity. the belize barrier reef ecosystem has remained pristine because the small, subsistence-level population has not stressed it unduly and because belize has existed on the periphery of global commerce.

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